Residential Trash Service

Trash Service in Clarksville and the Surrounding Areas

Curbside Waste Collection

Choose Stinky Pinky for your trash service needs and receive the same professional, prompt service you have received on your septic system for years, with the same affordable rates.

Weekly Pickup Service

Military Discount - Call us to request (931) 551-9835

Stinky Pinky Trash Carts

96 gal Stinky Pinky Residential Trash Cart

Residential Service Facts

We prefer that you put your cart out the night before your pick-up. The housed at the beginning of our routes are picked-up early, so this ensures that your trash will be picked up.

We only pickup household trash that is your 96-gallon cart. We do not allow construction materials, appliances, pallets, tires, paint and large volumes of hazardous chemicals in the cart.

* No yard waste allowed!

If you have extra trash, please call our office at (931) 551-9835 to make pick-up arrangements. Should you consistently have extra waste we do offer additional 96-gallon carts for $14 per month.

There will be some wear and tear on your cart from normal usage, and if this does cause any breakage, just let us know and we will replace your cart as soon as possible. If for some reason you damage your cart, (such as you place hot ashes in it and it burns) you will be charged for a replacement.